The M23 challenges and disillusions Kinshasa

by moses
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Are the citizens of Jomba, Rutshuru and Masisi less Congolese than those of Goma? Asks M23 Leader Bertrand BISIMWA.

Through his X account, with confidence, firmness and determination, the message from Bertrand Bisimwa, the leader of the M23 is worded as follows:

“If Kinshasa persists in the illusion that the crisis will be resolved by arms, we will beat them militarily. And if they persist in stubbornly opposing dialogue after this military failure, we will move on to self-determination: the governance of this space will be done without them.”

“We have the right to live in harmony without being taken hostage by cannibalistic genocidaires.” Underlines and hammers Bertrand Bisimwa.




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